Friday, August 3, 2012

nice word.

aku dapat class article ini dari facebook. dihasilkan oleh classmate aku yang gorgeous.budak-budak panggil die iker.jgn cakap aku muka dia persis iker cassilas weh!sumpah tidak.

sepanjang enam semester aku satu class dengan  mamat kedah ini,dia seorang kaki condemn yang berjaya.aku kalau buat presentation,opinion dia memang aku buat-buat senak perut.ahah~

namun begitu, tak dapat tidak,beliau juga salah seorang insan yang banyak membantu aku yang comey ini dalam pembikinan esaimen. biasanya muka dia lah yang aku kene hadap dulu before submit esaimen..kiranya zaidi ni umpama mentor pujaan gadis-gadis bebal.

dear mister Zaidi, i am going to miss u too,man! please don't cry for me,Argentina.

                                                               Brain Brawn Beauties

I would exhale life after I have managed to recite the ‘Syahadah’ albeit with effort. But before I died I would be reminiscing my past; just like it was shown in movies, but I don’t know if the act of remembering the past prior dying is true, but if it really is then I would like to experience it. My memories of the yesteryears would be recalled back, the happy ones, the sad one and the great ones, the memorable ones and the forgetful ones…I would get the chance to relive them one last time.

I think, the most memorable of my many memories would be the moment when I am with my DMC 1 till 6B friends. It was tough to break the ice with most of my class members…but, hey, all that effort was not in vain because like I always say to myself ‘The Harder The Challenge, The Precious The Reward Is’. There were 31 of us and when I am about to die, I am definitely going to miss each and every one of them. 

I’ll be missing ‘Iman’ for her Brittish-Accent and her strictness in directing a sketch that we did when we were in part 1, of which we’ve won first prize and not to mention the caring side that she shown in part 2, when we have our first ‘Heart-to-heart-talk’ session. I’m sorry for making you cried that time, I truly am sorry Iman.

There are few things that I’ll definitely remember about ‘Wani’. Among of the few things, is your coolness and awesomeness…honestly, I never regret befriending you. You don’t take shit from anyone and you don’t do shit to anyone and unlike any other girls I’ve came across with; you’re the first girl that can properly throw a right hook. P/S: I know that you have been authoring poems, so maybe one day you can read some of it to me, eh? 

‘Wahida’. You’re funny and fun to talk with. I think it was hilarious and genuinely witty of how you directed your broadcasting assignment presentation. Seriously, the late-night show of ‘Kitchen Battle’ was deliciously amusing, the way you hosted it was pure comical. I am going to miss you, honestly.

He’s big, black and he smokes, but beneath those imperfections I realize that there’s a kindred spirit inside you ‘Auzan’. You’re the kind of guy that would put the needs of other before the needs of your own. A caring and a kind guy to be exact. You sincerely cared for others even when others do not care even for themselves. It is also inspiring, how you have the patience to withstand the 6Bs’ annoyance and can still smile at the same time, an amazing feat it is. But, frankly, the smoking has to stop.

Every class has their own ‘big brother’ and in our class ‘Ammar’ is the exact representation of such role. You’re like the most responsible and reliable person in the class, the only time the class prosper; in terms class notifications and reduction in absenteeism was the time we were under your reign. You have a charming personality that easily can win the trust of others.

‘Izyan’ is quite short-in-supply. She’s optimistic and refuses to say bad things to others but her constant fascination with anything that’s purple can sometime vex those who are nearby. To her, purple is an auspicious regal color that can boost one’s self esteem and increase brain activity; I highly doubt it though. I never get the chance to see you dance but from what I’ve heard…you’re really good at it. And for the last time “There is no such thing as purple roses!”

‘Salwa’ is fierce. She has the tendency to run amok upon the slightest provocation, which will prompt those who do not know her well enough, to be intimidated by her. People just always assume that she’s angry all the time but she’s not…”It’s called being sassy”; she says. Despite the occasional outburst, she’s genuinely a good and a hardworking girl. Honestly, I think you’d do well in public relations field.

If you judge ‘Yien’ by face value then you’ll be making a big mistake. Outside, he might look like an average run-of-the-mill kind of guy. Truth is, he’s like a walking database. He knows stuffs that most people don’t; heck, he knows more stuffs than I do. You’ll be surprise how informative he can be and he remembers like a lot. He read listens and watches news more than anybody I know. A must have partner in modern issue class.

‘Awe’ strays from the typical Kelantanese that were often stereotyped by others, he is friendly and befriends lots of people. He can become quite the chatterbox, enjoys cracking up jokes. Sometimes, he doesn’t have to do anything…yet he still makes me laugh. Like every other normal Kelantanese boys, he’s athletic, madly in love with the ‘Red Warriors’ and enjoys eating ‘Nasi Kerabu’.

‘Ej’ is big and brutal, no one in class; wait…no one in the faculty ever messes with him. He have this stocky built that made him look like mob leader or something. Your confidence and take-no-nonsense attitude was one of the factors that made you…respected or perhaps feared. Despite those fearsome demeanors, you’re actually quite romantic and soft; you’re like a chocolate turtle nugget, hard and crispy on the outside, soft and oozy in the inside. P/S: I had laughing fit really hard when I knew that you were into romantic novel :)

‘Nana’ is a good listener. Honestly, you can tell her all of your problems and she would just sit there, listening beside you. She would also offer to give you few practical advices, if you wanted to. Salwa told me that ‘Nana’ is a very caring person as she once went to her house and saw how deeply she cares for her younger siblings. By the way, you were utterly stunning when I first saw you wearing ‘Baju Kebaya’ and ‘Cucuk Sanggul’ in part 1, truly a traditional Malay muse.

I’ve always knew that ‘Pah’ came from an oasis in the middle-east, I just kid ya. But, she really does come from an Arabic bloodline. Like how others would often boast being born as a mix child, you, on the other hand, acts like it wasn’t that big of a deal. For as long as I can remember you were the only girl who can look fashionable while boasting a ‘tudung’. For the record, your obsession with Korean and Japanese drama is absolutely cute.

‘Ejat’, would be a person I’d be missing quite dearly when I’m gone. True, we have our share of bumps and bruises along the road and let’s just say you and I was quite the…you know, great mind thinks alike, which is why they can’t stand each other. You’re like the other-brother I never had and as for the girlfriend issue…you are an amazing guy whose heart is just too big for most girls to stand. I am gonna miss you.

If you look at ‘Aqnees’ at first glance, she seemed like the typical quiet and shy kind of girl, however such assumptions quickly dissipates the moment I get to know you the more. Let’s face it, if you were quiet and shy, there’s no way you’d be enrolling in the masscom faculty. Though you may be thin but you have this sophisticated lady aura and this feature of yours was further highlighted when you did your ‘Denim’ project. You look absolutely stunning in denim. P/S: Kind of missed the days where I’ve been flirting with you, it was fun though :)

Drop dead gorgeous, that’s the only term that can best describe ‘Alin’. I can bet almost everyone in class tried to woo you, when we were in part 1. But, I have discovered that looks isn’t your only forte…you are not the typical damsel in distress, I was in awe when one of my friends told me that you are capable of surviving well enough in a jungle during the PBSM road trip. Heh, I always knew you were more than just a pretty face. Stay beautiful.

‘Rott’ looks the kind of guy that doesn’t give a damn about anything that does not concern him and he looks more of an art and design student rather than masscom. You rarely take part in anything the classes do except for class assignments. But your passion in music and designing open my eyes to see you on a whole different spectrum. You were the first person I’ve talk to when I first entered UiTM. Take care and see ya roomie.

I did something worse to ‘Yusman’ when I first saw him…I judged him by the cover. He seemed kind of messy and flaky and of course with his surfer-dude hairstyle I was convinced that my hypothesis was correct, but after the third semester…I change my mind. You know what ‘Yusman’, you’re clever, smart and philosophical and I honestly loved listening to your views. I don’t care what you are in the past cause presently, you’re my pal and I am sorry that I can no longer watch your back once I’m gone.

I make it a point to disagree about anything that ‘Syazwan’ agrees and should he do the other way round, I would also do the same. I don’t know why I did it but maybe because you were confident and assertive of yourselves. You can literally move others when you talk. But…do tone down on the animosity.

Every classes has their own ‘hot stuff’, you know the one whom they call ‘Romeo’, ‘Skirt Chaser’ and ‘Ladies Man’. Well in our class we have none that bears such title, though most of the class members thinks that ‘Paan’ should bear such title, but honestly, ‘Paan’ is more of a ‘Hopeless Romantic’ rather than those three adjectives above. You are the master in the arts of wooing women cause you were seeing different girls everytime I passed by you. Seeing you playing with your little sister really makes me realize that you’re actually a family guy. P/S: Chicks digs those who read.

I don’t care what they say about you ‘Qaqa’, you’re beautiful, smart and has a wonderful personality. You have this likeable aura that people seldom has, that makes you easily approached, I knew it from the moment we trained for our class sketch. Just so you know…you were the first girl I’ve ever serenaded to.

In our class ‘Apish’ is the one who boldly indulge himself in fashion, you’re kind of the fashion guru within our class, a trendsetter; which no one in our class follows. You have the courage and confidence to wear striking dry-fit wear and flowery couture and actually know ‘Marc Jacob’. If there’s gonna be anyone within our class that’s going to venture into the modeling world, it’s you. A word of advice…you need to shave, like a lot :)

‘Adam’ is the self-proclaimed but class-acknowledged diva. But unlike any other diva that makes unreasonable requests and superficial demands, you’re a different kind of diva; a good kind. You are far from selfish and enjoy helping others that are in need and you can get along fine with anyone. Truth be told, I never witness you losing your temper, you were always so calm and cheery. Personally, I think you are the glue that holds the class together.

There’s only one adjective that can fully describe you, ‘Deena’. You’re bubbly. I do realize that sometimes, I might call you an airhead but time after time, I realize that ‘That girl aint no dumb blonde, she’s just ‘Elle Woods’ from Legally Blonde’. Your sunny optimism, can light up even the darkest place…so don’t change, please.

‘Zureen’ you have the one thing that I have been wanting so dearly, your height. The very moment I saw you, my first impression was “Woa! That is some tall girl”. But tallness isn’t your only strength, you have a great sight. You can see the goodness in everyone; you don’t judge and discriminate others…I salute you for that. P/S: I really do think you having the makings of a great mom.

The most carefree guy in our class is ‘Akmal’. He has this happy-go-lucky face and this wonderful jolly personality that can lift anyone’s spirit. Though there are times where he could be quite empty-headed and leaves reality to enter his own state-of-mind but that doesn’t mean he’s retarded…he’s just you know…have a very optimistic perspective on life.

‘Ihsan’ and I started knowing each other, the wrong way. He called me something which, resulted in me calling him a ‘Bitch!’ harsh? I know, but hey that was a long time ago…and I did apologize for it. True, you can, sometimes become quite dogmatic but after knowing you for 3 years…you’re genuinely a good and considerate guy. You’re the kind of guy that one can have an adult conversation with and not to mention you’re an excellent secret keeper. But please the sudden shouting has to stop.

‘Najwa’ you have to stop working so hard…seriously I can literally feel tired only just by looking at you. I do realize that you have this perpetual need to preoccupy yourself with something and I know that, hard work and diligence bears good fruit but…you don’t actually need that much of an excessive stress. Despite all that, I really think that it’s cool for a girl to be industrious, but be sure take care of your health. Plus, I really think you should ditch the heavy make-up thingy… you should go for a more natural look.

‘Fatin’, you’re a sweet and petite city gal and together with ‘Wani’ and I, we make up the ‘Melayu Celup’ group. But deep down I know that you’re more than just mere smiles and sunshine. It was during the 5th semester that I have realized that you truly are a conscientious and a reliable person. Aside from that, you’re the smartest girl I’ve ever met… you’re kind of like the guy from the ‘Beautiful Minds’, minus the craziness :) 

Frankly speaking, I found ‘Shah’ very peculiar. He’s like this mysterious alien life-form of which I have no idea where he originates from. Relax, I’m just kidding, although ‘Shah’ can be quite introvert and sometimes speaks in tongue that no one else can fathom but he means no harm, in fact he’s quite the gentlemen. He’s actually pretty skillful in photography, the pictures he took…can ‘Wow!’ anyone.

‘Farid’ is not gifted in designing, he a genius at it. Everything that he designed looks like it was designed by professional designers. Now I know that the both of us had our ups and downs and that we seldom see eye-to-eye but the one thing that I’ll remember about you is that you are generous, especially when it comes down to foods. You are always honest about everything and tried to tell the truth regardless of condition, which sometimes can be quite exasperating to others, but hey, truth hurts, right? P/S: I have wronged you in so many ways…and this is the only way I know how to say…I’m sorry.

Alas, I have reached the end of will…though time changes everything but my feelings for you guys will withstood even the harshest trials and tribulations that time enacts. Therein lies the memoirs of 6B; “Brains, Brawns and Beauties, Who Lead a Life Full of Passion, Regardless of Trivialities”